Happy Pi Day!

14 Mar

This post has nothing to do with Pi Day, except for the fact that I posted it on 3/14. Which means it’s been four months since my last post! I’ve been a slacker, sorry.

So what’s happened since then?

  • Paul and I finally found our “home church” in Lomita (Remembrance Community Church). We’ve been getting more involved in leadership, joining a community group, and being active in men’s/women’s ministry. RCC is seriously an awesome church with the most authentic, loving, and relatable people ever, with a heart for God and our community. We’re loving every second of it!


    At RCC’s HQ


    At women’s retreat

  • We booked our first-ever trip to Europe, and it’s coming up in less than a month. SO EXCITED. It’s been over  year since we took our last vacation, and the first one since we got Dodger, so we’ll be boarding him for 2 weeks at his daycare (which is cage-free), which I’m sure he’s going to be THRILLED about. Paul keeps joking that we should take him with us because he’s going to miss him too much. I’m sure he’ll get over it as soon as we land in Paris :) We also realized that our good friends Steve & Angela are going to be there at the exact same time, so we’re planning to meet up with them. I’m already sorta sad thinking about it being over, but I hope it’s the experience of a lifetime!
photo (16)

This is drawn on the front of my planning folder. Hehe.

  • I recently went to Le Cellier with my team at work to celebrate some milestones and a birthday, and our director treated us to a little wine tasting/pairing. It was an amazing, delicious experience. The owner is a sommelier and taught us so much about wine. All I can say is, it was hard to go back to work afterwards. It also made me very thankful for my job and the people I work with. (All work and no play makes Jane a dull girl!)


    Beautiful plating

  • Dodger’s been up to some shenanigans, as always. Lately he’s been eating our couch cushions. :( Just this morning, we tuned in to find THIS:

    photo (3)

    Time to save up for a new couch!

I think he was mad because we were supposed to take him to daycare today, but we decided to take him tomorrow instead, so we can actually get out and have a full date day. Sigh. He can be so naughty sometimes. But who can stay mad at this guy?!

photo 1 (3)

Our silly boy

  • Last but not least, 2014 is the year of weddings (for my friends, at least). So far, all of the weddings we’ve attended have been for Paul’s friends, until now. We went to one for my childhood friend Olivia last weekend, and we’ve got a few more coming up this year which we’re suuuuper excited about (ahem, Grace and Sirine, yay). We love weddings!

Wedding time!

Our Walls Have Art

17 Nov

We finally got art up on the walls today! Paul is all about having unique one-of-a-kind art (he never lets me buy framed art from IKEA or Target), so he’s always buying limited edition posters and getting them framed. His office looks pretty awesome now, I gotta admit. We also put a few up in our bedroom and living room, and I love how it fills the space on the previously blank walls. Here are some pics:

photo 2

Captain America poster above Paul’s dresser

photo 1

Toy Story poster above my dresser

photo 2

Drive and Looper posters in Paul’s office

photo 4

Django Unchained, Zero Dark Thirty, and Jurassic Park posters in Paul’s office

photo 3

Window frame with our wedding invites

photo 2

Labbit painting done by my awesome co-worker

photo 4

Our favorite wedding photo in the living room

photo 4

1 of 6 My Milk Toof series prints in the dining room

My Milk Toof is an adorably fun blog that we both love (they totally remind us of our labbits), and the author sells some super cute prints and other merchandise.

Yay for home decorating!

My Garden Update

25 Sep

photo (3)

It’s been about 2 months since I planted my wildflower + amaryllis seeds (see that blog post here), and the first flower(s) have finally bloomed! What an ego boost to my black thumb :D

photo (4)
And here’s what it looks like now (Oct 2013). So much foliage! Now I just need to learn how to prune.

White Chocolate Confetti Blondies

24 Aug

Today, I made these:

blondies 1 blondies 2 blondies 3 blondies 4
I used Bake Your Day’s recipe, and they’re the perfect mix of chewy with a little crunch. Yum!

Adventures in Gardening (My Black Thumb)

22 Aug

Confession: I can’t keep anything green alive.

When we first moved into our house, the front/back yard was alive with bushes, flowers, and even a basil plant.


And then, everything died.

photo 12

Turns out, just looking at your plants and splashing them with water won’t do much. There’s maintenance involved, which I was not willing to put in. So instead of trying to revive them, I got a few indoor succulents because I heard they were easy. Aaand, you guessed it — most of them died. Mainly because of a lack of sunlight. Currently, only my cactus remains (and you have to be stupid to kill a cactus … right?).

photo (2)

I had given up on trying to keep anything else alive, but a couple of months ago my sister-in-law Daniela gave me some of her leftover wildflower seeds. It took this long to actually plant them, since I had to pull out all of the dead weeds and fertilize the soil first. That part was killer. It resulted in super achy muscles and a bad tan. And so many spiders. (I HATE spiders. Just last week, I cried because I found a huge brown widow on the shower curtain when I was pulling it shut. It was inches away from my nose. Paul felt bad that I cried, and he killed it for me.)

Anyways, I decided to start with a small patch in the front yard first, so I wouldn’t be disappointed in my black thumb. Here’s what the process looked like from start ’til now:

photo 52

The ugly weeds, rocks, and trash

photo 5

photo 1

De-weeded, soil is fertilized and seeds are planted

photo 23

photo 33

Leaves are sprouting, yay!

photo 2

This is about 2 weeks later. Still no flowers.

photo 1

But lots of leaves. I’ll post an update once something blooms.

I’m pretty proud of “my little garden,” though there’s nothing blooming in there yet. And even if flowers never bloom, I’ll be happy with these little green sprouts. I just hope that I won’t get lazy and I’ll be able to maintain them this time. I’m planning to plant flowers along the entire front of the house as well. Maybe try herbs next?

Oh, and our neighbor’s cat must hate me, cuz he poops in my garden all the time. :( Is cat poop a fertilizer?

UPDATE! We’ve got flowers!


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